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The Blend Keto Cheesesteak


1-1.5lbs of shaved ribeye (can also use frozen Steakumm for convenience)

1/4 white onion diced

1/2-1 cup white mushrooms chopped

1/2 cup cherry peppers sliced

4-6 slices white American or provolone cheese

1 tbsp The Blend

1 tbsp cooking oil

Your favorite keto friendly roll or bread, or salad mix of your choice (optional)


Step 1

Preheat large pan or skillet over medium-medium high heat

Step 2

Add cooking oil to pan, once shimmering, add mushrooms and onions, sautee for 2-3 minutes

Step 3

Add steak and peppers to pan, breaking up steak into smaller pieces and mixing all other ingredients in pan well

Step 4

Once steak is fully cooked and beginning to crisp on edges, cover with sliced cheese, and cook for additional minute or two or until cheese is fully melted.

Step 5

Serve as a bowl, on your favorite keto roll or bread, or atop a bed of greens.

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