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Pork and Pepper Lettuce Boats with Garlic Marinade


1lb ground pork

1/4 Cup Kinder’s Garlic Marinade

8 Romaine lettuce boats

1 red bell pepper

1 Cup shaved carrots

1/2 Cup shredded parmesan cheese


Step 1

Preheat large pan over medium heat

Step 2

While pan preheats, dice bell pepper and shave carrots if needed

Step 3

Once vegetables are prepped, add pork to skillet and begin to break up with wooden spoon. When pork is broken up into small pieces, pour Garlic Marinade over top and mix well

Step 4

After pork and marinade are mixed, incorporate bell peppers and cook another 5 or so minutes until no pink shows in pork and edges are beginning to crisp

Step 5

Turn off heat and mix in parmesan. Fill lettuce boats with mixture and top with shaved carrots

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