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Kinder’s Rack of Pork


Step 1

Purchase a rack of pork that is already frenched, meaning the meat between the bones has been removed.

Step 2

Trim off any excess fat.

Step 3

Season liberally with Kinder’s Italian Chop House, now available in Sam’s Club and Walmart locations.

Step 4

Ideally cook in baking rack or on smoker/grill where air can flow around entire roast.

Step 5

Cook at 275-300°F for about an hour or until internal temp reaches 115°F.

Step 6

Once internal temp reaches 115°F, turn up heat and cook until desired crust is reached and internal temp is 140°F.

Step 7

Remove roast at 140°F and let rest 10 minutes. Carryover cooking will bring roast temp to a final temp of 145-150.

Step 8

Slice between bones, serve and enjoy!

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