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Kinder’s Grilled Glazed Pork Loin


2lb center cut pork loin roast

2 Tbsp Brown Sugar Rub

1/2 to 1 Cup Hot BBQ Sauce (Note: Use Mild BBQ Sauce for less heat)


Step 1

Season pork loin roast with Brown Sugar rub, refrigerate while setting up grill.

Step 2

Prepare your grill for a two-zone cook by placing charcoal or lighting burners on only one one side of grill, aiming for an ambient temp of about 250-275.

Step 3

Once grill temp is dialed in, remove pork loin from the refrigerator and place on the cool zone away from heat, and cook covered, for approx 30 minutes, or until internal temp registers about 100°F.

Step 4

Once internal temp is around 100, remove lid and move pork loin to hot zone of grill, flipping every so often to develop a seared crust. Cook over high heat until desired crust is formed or internal temp registers 130.

Step 5

Move roast back to cool zone of grill, baste with sauce and replace lid.

Step 6

Cook roast covered until internal temp registers 140°F.

Step 7

Allow roast to rest 5-10 minutes, carryover cooking will bring internal temp to 145 and juices will reconstitute into the meat. Slice and serve, enjoy!

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