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Grilled Burgers


1 lb. Ground Beef; 80 percent lean to 20 percent fat is ideal

3 tsp The Blend Seasoning


Step 1

Tip: Do not mix in seasonings with your beef. This will lead to overworking your patty and give it a denser more sausage like texture. Save the seasoning for the outside.

Step 2

Separate your ground beef evenly into preferred size. Use a scale if you have one available. One lb of ground beef and can be separated it into 3 (1/3 lb) or 4 (1/4 lb) patties.

Step 3

Roll the ground beef into balls, do not overwork.

Step 4

Flatten the patty. There are many tricks to doing this, but we like to use parchment paper and a small round plastic lid from a food storage container. Simply place the rolled meat onto the parchment paper and press down with the lid. This will form a nice round patty and not overwork the meat. Gently shape the sides of the patty if there are any cracks.

Step 5

Place the patties back in the fridge and to rest. Letting it sit out increased chances for crumbling on the grill. For the best results, remember: cold patty, hot grill.

Step 6

Heat your grill to a medium-high; about 400 degrees. If cooking inside use a skillet or cast iron skillet. Add canola oil to the skillet.

Step 7

Remove patties from fridge and using your thumb, make a indention or dimple squarely in the middle of each patty.

Step 8

Place directly on cooking surface and then sprinkle about 3/4 tsp of The Blend Seasoning evenly over the patties.

Step 9

Cook for 4-5 minutes, once you see the patties start to “sweat” this is a good indicator that it’s time to flip. Make sure you have a nice crust on bottom of patties before flipping.

Step 10

Wait until the “sweat or juices” start showing on top of the patty, about 2-3 minutes. You can check the internal temperature with a thermometer to determine. Add cheese if desired and cook for another minute, until melted.

Step 11

Serve hot, with your favorite toppings and sides!

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