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Cali Gold Potato Salad


2 lb potatoes (russet or Yukon Gold) cooked, cooled and peeled

1 Tbsp Kinder’s Master Salt Seasoning

4 hard boiled eggs, diced

2 Tablespoons Kinder’s Master Salt Seasoning

1 dill pickle finely chopped (approximately 1/3 Cup), you can substitute relish

1/2 sweet onion finely chopped (approximately 1/3 Cup)

3-4 celery stalks, finely chopped (approximately 2 Cups)

1/2 Cup mayonnaise

1/4 tsp black pepper

2 Tablespoons of Kinder’s Cali Gold BBQ Sauce

1/4 tsp paprika (optional, for garnish)


Step 1

Peel and quarter potatoes and add to pot of cold water with 1 Tbsp of Kinder’s Master Salt Seasoning. Bring to boil and cook until potatoes are just tender.

Step 2

Combine all other ingredients, except paprika, in a large bowl while potatoes are boiling. Cover and refrigerate.

Step 3

Drain and cool the potatoes and cut into bite size pieces.

Step 4

Combine cooled potatoes and dressing (all other ingredients) refrigerate for at least 1 hr. Serve cold.

Step 5

Sprinkle with paprika if desired. Enjoy!

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