Brown Sugar Woodfired Garlic Smoked Ribs


1 rack St. Louis trimmed spare ribs

1 packet Brown Sugar Woodfired Garlic


Step 1

Heat smoker or set up grill for indirect cooking, aiming for an ambient temp of about 275

Step 2

Using a paper towel, peel off membrane on back side of ribs. Season back side, flip over, and season the rest of the rack

Step 3

Cook ribs at 275 for one hour, allowing smoke to flavor meat. If using a grill, place woodchips directly on coals and replace every 15 minutes or whenever smoke stops

Step 4

After one hour or when ribs reach desired color, wrap tightly in foil and place back on grill/smoker, cooking for another hour. Additonal liquid is not necessary

Step 5

After one hour, carefully peel back foil to expose rib bones which should be exposed about 1/4 to 1/2 inch. If bones are showing, remove completely from foil and place back on grill/smoker to re-crisp exterior of ribs, about 5-10 minutes

Step 6

If saucing, apply sauce and allow 5 minutes for sauce to set before removing

Step 7

(Tip) Placing a water pan with 1-2 inches of water under ribs will help regulate grill temp and ambient moisture, increasing smoke ring.

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The same bold, smoky flavor that you have come to expect from Kinder’s but without the sugar.


Inspired by the rich flavor of garlic smoked over real hardwood.


A slightly sweet, perfectly smoky sauce that tastes great on everything.


Inspired by the rich flavor of garlic smoked over real hardwood.

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