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Blackened Shrimp Taco Lettuce Wraps


2 lbs. 21-25 ct. cooked shrimp, peeled and deveined

2 tbsp. olive oil

2/3 cup crema mexicana or sour cream

2 avocados, sliced

1 jalapeño, diced

1 fresno chili, diced

1/3 cup loosely packed fresh cilantro leaves, coarsely chopped

8 – 12 romaine lettuce leaves

1 lime

2 tbsp. Cali’s Blackened BBQ Rub

1 tbsp. Tequila Lime BBQ Rub


Step 1

In a medium bowl combine 1 tbsp. of oil, 2 tbsp. of Cali’s Blackened BBQ Rub, and shrimp. Mix together until shrimp is entirely coated with seasoning.

Step 2

Heat 1 tbsp. of oil in skillet over medium-hight heat for 1 minute. Add shrimp and cook 2-3 minutes on each side until cooked through.

Step 3

Turn off heat and finish with a squeeze of lime.

Step 4

Meanwhile, in a small bowl combine crema or sour cream and 1 tbsp. of Tequila Lime BBQ Rub and stir to combine.

Step 5

Assemble wraps: Add avocado, shrimp to lettuce, drizzle with Tequila Lime crema, and garnish with cilantro, chilis, and jalapeño.

Step 6

Serve and enjoy!

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