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Tequila Lime Rub

An all-time favorite seasoning at Kinder’s restaurants, this is the secret to some of Grandpa Kinder’s most flavor-packed barbecue recipes. It starts with a tangy burst of lime, adds a touch of tequila to get your taste buds buzzing, then a kick of chili to bring on the perfect heat. Now you’ve got a lip-smacking blend that will have your guests talking.


Handcrafted Tequila Lime Rub 5 oz.
Handcrafted Tequila Lime Rub 5 oz.
Tequila Lime Rub

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Great For

Tequila Lime is perfect for seasoning poultry or fish. Beyond the barbecue, it’s also a delicious way to season oven-roasted and stovetop recipes.