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Preparing and Cooking Ribs

Prep time: 20 minutes | Cook time:  | Finished Meat Temperature: 180°F

If you choose to prepare your own ribs using Kinder’s products, here’s cooking instructions to get optimal results, just like in our restaurants.

Preparation Instructions

Note: If frozen, ribs need to be completely thawed under refrigeration prior to prepping.

Remove the skin from the bone side of the rack of ribs. Do so by inserting a fork prong (tine), between the first and second bone between the skin. Wiggle the prong until you are able to pull down and remove the layer of skin.

Lay the rack(s) out on a cutting board with the meaty side up and then add your favorite Kinder’s rub or seasoning to your liking. We suggest adding a fine coating to start out with and you can add more later to adjust the taste. You only need to season the top side of the ribs.

Note: The finished temperature of the ribs should be 180°F, tenderness is more important than the final temperature.