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Preparing a Cut & Tied Prime Rib Roast

Trim off excess fat from narrow side of beef. Flip roast on topside with bone ends pointing up. 

Cut alongside bone, staying as close to the bone as possible, leaving no significant meat on ribs. Cut almost all the way through. Lay the roast on its side. Holding the ribs, cut in and out of each bone at the end of the roast. Season with your favorite Kinder’s seasoning or rub.

Laying roast fat side down, place bone back into the roast in the same position it was originally set. Wrap string around both the roast and bone and tie in between each bone. Be sure to tie a knot between each bone on each end of the roast.  All strings should be evenly separated by each bone. Then tie one string across middle of roast perpendicular to the directions of the previous strings.