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Do you have a question that isn’t answered below? Use the Contact Form to send your question directly to our team.

To find Kinder’s products near you, consult our Product Locator. You can also order Kinder’s products through this website.

If your local retailers don’t currently carry Kinder’s products, please let them know about us. Retailers are encouraged to contact Kinder’s for more information about offering our products in their stores.

All orders ship via UPS Ground as the shipping method within the continental US. Orders will usually ship within 1 to 3 business days of when the order is placed. We do not ship to PO Boxes. We do not currently ship on weekends or holidays. For additional assistance please e-mail us at DO to food safety regulations we are unable to accept returned products and all sales on are final. If you have an issue with your order or delivery, please contact us at and our team will assist you. 
Unfortunately, at this time we are not able to ship products outside the continental United States.
Kinder’s respects the privacy of our customers and never share personal information.

Most of our unopened products have a 2-year shelf life. It is best to follow the “Best By” dates on the products. You can locate the Best Buy date stamped in black ink on the neck of the bottle above the label or on the bottom of the bottle.

After opening BBQ sauce and Marinade, you should always store it in the refrigerator to maintain the flavor and freshness. After opening seasonings, store away from heat, moisture and direct sunlight to avoid clumping.

Please visit to learn more about Kinder’s restaurants and catering.

We’re glad you enjoy Kinder’s so much you want to share. Feel free to share your recipes and serving ideas with others. Please email your recipe to us at   for a chance to be shared on our website and social media channels.

No, all Kinder’s BBQ Sauces and Marinades contain natural sweeteners, with no high fructose corn syrup. Tomatoes are the first ingredient of our BBQ Sauces.
Allulose is a plant-based all natural sweetener that is used in our line of Zero Sugar BBQ Sauces.
Many Kinder’s products do not include gluten. However, our facilities produce other products that may use gluten ingredients. So please check labels; if you need to avoid gluten, choose those Kinder’s products that are clearly marked as Gluten Free.

At Kinder’s we are very sensitive to potential food allergies. Many of our products, with a few exceptions, are free of common allergens. All potential allergens are clearly labeled on our ingredients lists. Please check the ingredient label for the most up-to-date ingredients details. If you have any questions about allergens, please contact us at

Many of our products do not contain added sugar, and are great for anyone following a keto diet.
All of our organic products are non-GMO.
Our conventional BBQ sauces do contain caramel while our organic BBQ sauces do not.
MSG is not a component of our natural flavors. By law, when natural flavors are listed on a label, MSG cannot be labeled as a natural flavor. We do not add MSG as an ingredient in any of our products.

Our “spices” are a proprietary blend that changes depending on the product and flavor. This can include, but is not limited to, ingredients like rosemary and thyme. If you have specific questions, please contact our team at

Our products are filled by weight, not volume, and some of the ingredients have a tendency to settle over time. Settling may cause bottles to appear to not have enough product in them. You can try turning the bottle over and back upright to “fluff” up the ingredients, but if you still think the product is the incorrect amount, please contact us at

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